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Reseller Hosting Services

Fantastico Delux cPanel Reseller Hosting

All cPanel reseller hosting plans (from Plan1, Plan2, Plan3 to plan4), provided by Resellers Panel on extremely low prices, include the Fantastico De Luxe. This is a PHP script library including more than 49 PHP open source scripts. It is fully integrated in each cPanel web hosting account you create as a reseller.


Private Label Reseller Web Hosting

When taking your first steps in the online hosting business on your own you should make certain that the reseller hosting company that offers the reselling has maximum private label options in order to full brand your hosting company.


Reseller Web Hosting Plans

If you sign-up for ResellersPanel's Free Resellers Program, you will be able to resell either with their pre-made shared web hosting packages: the Business, the Corporate and the Enterprise plans.


Reseller Managed Services

You can use such a server in order to become a part of the web hosting business itself by splitting it to smaller parts and re-selling it to you end customers or you can be a web hosting reseller that sells dedicated servers to his end customers as well.


Private Label Reseller Program

You will be able to utilize any of the bundled hosting reseller packages: the Business, The Corporate and the Enterprise packages, or you will be able to create your own packages through the plan builder they offer.


Best Reseller Hosting Companies

Then the reseller package is divided into mini shared website hosting packages, which are later sold to the customers at retail prices specified by the reseller. The reseller's profit is calculated by subtracting the wholesale hosting price from the retail hosting price.