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Free Hosting Solutions

Excellent Free Host

If you are searching for a free web hosting company, which would be able to deliver excellent uptime and performance, you should choose Free Hostia. The Chocolate package - FreeHostia's free plan, allows you to host up to 5 domains. There are also inexpensive upgrade options.


Free Joomla Web Hosting

FreeHostia does not put ads on your website. The free Joomla hosting plan is truly free with no hidden fees and no forced ads. Get you free Joomla hosting account with FreeHostia and start your website in a matter of minutes without spending any money on it.


Free Linux Hosting

There are separate servers for MySQL, e-mail, storage, etc, each optimized specially for the tasks that it handles, which guarantees optimal performance. Also, load is evenly distributed between all servers in the network.


Free Hosting Services

We, at FreeHostingServices.org, want to show you that you can easily get your own website up & running in minutes, release yourself from the confines of your social networking site, and recommend you the best and reliable cheap hosting services to do that.


Free Website Hosting

FreeHostia.com offers free web hosting with PHP/MySQL and e-mail and much more. The free Chocolate plan allows you to host up to 5 domains. There are low-cost premium web hosting plans as well.


Free Hosting Solutions

The exclusive Bannerless plan, available to you for less than One Dollar a month, allows you to use tools, features and hosting resources at a price you will find hard to match anywhere on the web.