Hosting Suggestions And Expert Services For Each Requirement

Register A Domain Name

.ORG Domain Registration

.ORG domain name is a very popular gTLD (generic Top Level Domain) and because of that, one of the most widely spread web hosting services in the Web is the .ORG domain registration - starting from $11/year. The service is relatively cheap and is available for every consumer or organization.


Register .NET Domains

The .NET extension is under the management of VeriSign and can be registered through a number of ICANN-accredited registrars. The domain name is quickly becoming popular and it can be said that today it is the second most widely used domain extensions in the Internet.


Cheap .INFO Domain Names

.INFO domain names are one of the most widely spread gTLDs in the Web as the great interest towards them increases with each day passing. Most Internet consumers do not have the ability to register them since they do not posses the financial capability to do so.


Reseller Hosting Services

Shared Reseller Web Hosting

Set your price on domain names, digital certificates, VPS accounts, dedicated servers and unlimited reseller shared hosting packages and sell them on behalf of your company name. Affordable reseller prices.


cPanel Hosting Resellers

ResellersPanel.com is one of the leaders in the reseller hosting business. With their unique hosting reseller programs you can create your own web hosting company in no time.


Cheap Reseller Hosting Company

Reseller hosting is not for everybody. Mostly because most of the hosting reseller companies have awful reseller programs, with tons of limits or conditions. However, this all is changing now with Resellers Panel.


Shared Hosting

Business Web Hosting Exchange

Lonex Personal Website Hosting. Just $3.95/mo. Unlimited web space and monthly bandwidth. One domain web hosting with hassle-free domain name and digital certificate management sections.


Personal Web Hosting Service

Lonex's unlimited personal hosting account costs just $3.95/month. Unlimited web space and data transfer. 1-Domain hosting with easy domain management tools.


Retail Web Hosting

Lonex's unlimited business website hosting package is priced at only $4.95 per month. Host unmetered domains and sub domains (sites). Unlimited data storage and data transfer.


Virtual Private Servers

VPS Hosting Plans

It is a virtual machine, created on a physical such. It has its own, separate, Operating System and it is fully stand-alone, meaning that it will not interfere with other VPS server hosting accounts, which might be hosted on the same server.


Private Virtual Hosting

Web hosting types. Dedicated vs. Shared web hosting. Managing a VPS account. Different VPS control panels. Choosing a web hosting provider. A Virtual Private Hosting Service with an exclusive web hosting menu-driven interface.


VPS Hosting Package

Each and every private virtual hosting server includes full server root privileges, which enables persons to activate any software programs or script libraries that may be required for some apps to operate.


Free Hosting Solutions

Free Email Hosting

With FreeHostia's free hosting plan you get much more than free e-mail hosting - you can setup host up to five web sites - no forced ads, no hidden fees. You can create e-mail accounts at your domain.


Free PHP Hosting

Not only does the free web hosting plan offer PHP and MySQL support but it is in fact optimized for Joomla, Wordpress and many other popular PHP-based web applications.


Free FTP Hosting

This amazing innovative technology helps minimize expenses and makes it possible for FreeHostia to offer top free web hosting with premium-grade quality.


Dedicated Web Servers

Dedicated Server Domain Reseller

A all in one reseller program for .MOBI domain names @ $18.00/year and dedicated servers from $125.00/month (monthly billing). No reseller deposits required. No extra charges/fees. Turnkey business!


Dedicated Hosting Reseller

Resell .BIZ domain registration and transfer services bundled with Dedicated Server packages directly from an ICANN accredited .BIZ domain registrar. Dedicated Server reseller web hosting services for .BIZ domains.


Dedicated Servers Reseller

Dedicated servers available from Resellers Panel. You can now choose a control panel and operating system for your own dedicated machine